Mission Statement

Our goal is to give children the best possible start in life through providing a happy, healthy daycare and educational environment, focusing on:


  • physical - both gross and small motor development
  • social - being a part of a democratic  society
  • emotional - building self-control while nurturing self esteem
  • cognitive - weekly topics, books, games, and experiments
  • expressive - music, art, dramatic play, dance, movement
  • self-help skills - to become independent in basic care
  • language - home or second language

In so doing, we will be building a foundation for learning and for developing interpersonal relationships which will be important for each child throughout life.

Rocking Horse Ranch serves families by offering a wide range of childcare opportunities. Through communicating with parents, serving as a parental resource, and planning family activities, we become "partners with parents educating children."



The curriculum is planned with age appropriate activities for each group based upon The Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies, Inc.  At our center, young children learn through "hands on" experiences with educational toys and equipment.  Teachers share music and stories during circletime, while allowing for child interaction during free play. There are designated themes each week with appropriate activities in each program area. Topics range from plants to folk tales, Australia to occupations. During the school year monthly field trips are scheduled for the preschool groups. For a monthly fee, children three to four years old may attend Nursery School from 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Themes and Field Trips (FT) for Summer 2016



Field Trip

Friday Craft

June 6-10

Leo Lioni



June 13-17


McCann Park - June 14

Shrink Art

June 20-24




June 27-July 1

4th of July

Chutes & Ladders - June 30


July 4-8

Pirates-Buried Treasure


Initial Boards

July 11-15

Road Construction


Race Cars

July 18-22

Outdoor Art

Stages Theater - July 21

Painting T-shirts

July 25-29

Pond Life


Clay Snails

Aug 1-5



Foam Craft Scene

Aug 8-12

Summer Sports

The Ponds Park - Aug 2

Sports Necklace

Aug 15-19



Piggy Banks

Aug 22-26

Magic Kingdom

Cliff Fen Park - July Aug 25

Sun Magic Painting

Aug 29-Sept 2