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August Events

  • Aug 9 (Tuesday) – Preschool Field Trip to Ponds Park
  • Aug 25 (Thursday) – Preschool Field Trip to Cliff Fen Park

Group Transitions

Since our numbers have been changing periodically throughout the summer, we have some room to transition children into their prospective older groups.  That change will be taking place August 1st and those families have been notified.  We will also be moving more children in September into their prospective groups on September 12.  We would also like to take the opportunity to say good-bye to those families leaving us.  We have enjoyed you as a part of our RHR family and would love to see you in the future.  Keep in mind to use RHR for drop-in care for school-age children during the summer and non-school days.

Field Trips

During the school year, every preschool child is expected to participate in all field trips as part of the preschool curriculum.  If a field trip is on a day when your child does not normally attend, he/she still may attend the trip (No extra tuition is charged for the field trip time, but we do appreciate chaperones!)  The fee for the trip is charged on your account after your child has attended that field trip.  Each child wears a blue RHR t-shirt.  If you need to purchase one, please see Tammy, Lisi, or Carol.  The cost is $12.00.  More detailed information will come to you soon!

Preschool Swim Lessons

Today was the last day of swim lessons.  It seems like everything went smoothly!  

Pony Lessons

Also, later on today, we will be having our last day of pony lessons.  We will be having a brief ceremony at 4:30pm for parents and any other family members who would like to join us!  We had a great turnout this year and hopefully we may continue it for next year!

Family Night

A Family Night is being planned for Thursday, September 22, beginning at 6pm.  There will be a Pizza Buffet for $4 per person along with some entertainment for families to enjoy.  Please set aside this date for FOOD and FUN at RHR.  More information will be available in early September.

Yearly Calendar

Our yearly RHR calendar is being put together and will be distributed to families very soon.  This calendar outlines all events that occur at RHR from September 2016 through June 2017.

Changes in Parents’ Night Out

At our last staff meeting, we have decided to change Parents’ Night Out from the 4th Friday to the 3rd Friday of each month so it doesn’t conflict with holidays.

Also, there have been discrepancies on which movies are shown to the preschool group.  If your child wishes to bring in a movie to share, please list it on the sign-up sheet for all parents to see.  This way, parents know which movie is shown and can decide if his child should not watch it.  Children will have the opportunity to go play in the Friendship Room if the movie is not suitable for your child.  Please let the Staff person aware of the movie choice.  Thanks!

New Staff Changes

Please welcome back Emily Goldberger back to the infant/toddler group.  She will share the CCA duties with Sarah.  Amy and Samantha will continue as Teachers in that group.

Clara, Gabby, and Savannah are on their way to Winona State University.  We have watched them grow up and wish them all good luck in their new phase in life!  Lauren Probst and Natalie Sticha have been hired as CCA’s.  Both are attending Prior Lake-Savage High School in the fall.

Paige Smith and Aimee Fisher will be finished subbing for us and hopefully will come back next summer!  Paige will be focusing on her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and Addiction Counseling in Bismark, North Dakota.  Aimee is a Middle School Art Teacher in the Burnsville School District.   We also wish them the best of luck!