Submitted by rhradmin on Sun, 03/13/2016 - 19:06

March Events

  • March 15 (Tuesday) – Preschool FT to Mill City Museum – 9-1pm
  • March 17 (Thursday) – RHR Family Night – Pizza Supper at 6pm
  • March 18 (Friday) – Parents’ Night Out – 6-11pm – optional

April Events

  • April 4-15 – Parent/Teacher Conferences – As scheduled
  • April 20 (Wednesday) – Preschool FT to Works Museum – 9-1pm
  • April 22 (Friday) – Parents’ Night Out – 6-11pm – optional

Preschool March Field Trip

The preschoolers will be going on a Field Trip to Mill City Museum on Tuesday, March 15 from 9 to 1pm.  Please sign permission for your child at the front counter.  We are always happy to have chaperones come with us!  Please remember to send a sack lunch for your child if he/she is not regularly scheduled for Tuesdays at RHR.  Also, we require your child to wear a RHR Field trip t-shirt and a good pair of tennis shoes during this time.  Please see Tammy or Lisi if you need to purchase a shirt for $12.00.  

Family Fun Night

We will be having Family Fun Night on Thursday, March 17 beginning with a pizza buffet at 6pm.  Afterwards, families will be divided up into teams to discover clues on a treasure hunt throughout the building.  Please sign up for our Family Fun night and pizza choices at the front counter.  Come join us for a fun filled night!

Summer Swim Lessons

We have enough interest to provide the opportunity to bring your Preschooler to summer swim lessons.  We will be attending Session 4 which is July 25-August 4, Monday – Thursday.  Once RHR has set up transportation to and from lessons, we will contact those parents who expressed interest with more detailed instructions.  There is still time to contact Tammy by phone or email if you are interested in swim lessons for your child.

Recycle your “scratch” paper

If there is any extra scratch paper not being used at home or at the office, we would be willing to take it off your hands.  We put it out in the morning for preschoolers to make their own projects before our preschool program begins.  Please make sure there isn’t anything confidential before bringing any paper into RHR.  Please see Tammy if you have any questions!

April Parent/Teacher Conferences

This is just a reminder that parent/teacher conferences are coming up very soon the beginning of April.  Each teacher will have a sign-up sheet with specific dates and times.  This is a great time to visit with your child’s teacher on his/her progress at RHR.